Monday, 29 July 2013

Economics Vs Religeon

So, a debate has entered my psyche and started playing ethical tennis with Economics and Retardism... I mean Religion.

It seems both of these social structures are incredibly similar; they both exist solely based on faith, they both rob the poor and keep the rich in power and they are neck and neck as to which is responsible for the most human deaths (and non-human, lets not forget sacrificial goat slaughter) in our history.

Let's take a deeper look at the economy. In researching for this article, I discovered that economy is largely based on debt. That if every dollar owed in this system were paid back to the institutions which provided said 'wealth' including interest, there would still be debt outstanding. What a perplexing idea. Does that mean that it is literally impossible to ever acquire any real assets as everything you do gain is owed to someone somewhere? I'll be fucked if i can understand how that works. In saying that, i should probably admit that i actually haven't really done any research.

Now, in the other corner we have religion. Most of these were formed thousands of years ago and are based on some dudes (or many's) account of shit that happened when they were alive and then probably translated a couple of times. These fables are here to govern our lives and dictate good from bad behavior and also to calm how utterly terrified we seem to be of dying by promising us virgins or clouds or ice cream or something when we die.  We'll take everyone's favourite religion, Christianity and use that as an example of the moral guidelines implied: Dudes bangin' dudes is bad. Then again, so is divorce. For ethical reasons i should also mention Chicks molesting chicks is also bad. You shouldn't kill, no matter how much of a cunt your neighbor is. You shouldn't steal, even if that HDMI cable is ridiculously overpriced. Worse still, you shouldn't be a sloth because being a sloth is a great act of villainy. Just look at sloths, they are evil looking creatures no?

So who wins? I should probably mention what they are fighting for the title of. 'The fictional ideology that influences human destiny the most' award we will call it. And its a close one. Religion has made a lot of shit happen: Crusades, September 11, pedophiles and shit loads of water drowning everyone (but not Noah and his inbreeding animals). But it's starting to lose its grip. It would seem people have a capacity for approximately one and a half things they can have faith in, therefor the amount of agnostic/atheist humans on earth is growing. Yet nearly all of these people have their faith in something. Be it science, their country, beiber, their family ect.

The economy though continues to pull numbers and with the more drones it has under its wing, the more powerful it gets. Oil being its right-hand man. The economy has lead us to the information age and porn, so we have things to be thankful for. But it's also a killer.Some people are actually convinced it is more important than human life; the very thing that gives it existence. Boat people, resources, famine, the exchange rate for slaves and prostitutes are just some of the systems it keeps in check, with the highest regard being for the system in which it governs: Money. The economy has always been there making sure people had their priorities in order.

It's to close to call the winner. Somewhere in the middle of writing this I have actually realized that perhaps the two are not destined to fight. Maybe they are less like Batman and Bane and more like Lilo and Stitch: A pair of cunts with equally important roles to play in shaping our bloodied history. The economy here to drive our greed, brutality and carelessness and religion to blame it on.

- Blackout